Georges Erasmus

Ashok Mathur
Cultivations, Land, and a Politics of Becoming

Section 1: Land

Shirley Bear
Ramblings and Resistances

Henry Tsang and Glen Lowry
Napa North

Cheryil L’Hirondelle, Joseph Naytowhow, b.h. Yael
Land Project: A Conversation between Canada and Israel/Palestine

Sandra Semchuk (with James Nicholas) and Elwood Jimmy
‘On Loan': Thoughts on stolen strength, seeds of lubestrok, seeds of truth, seeds of reconciliation

Dorothy Christian
Reconciling With The People and the Land

Rita Wong
What Would Restitution and Regeneration Look Like from the Point of View of Water?

Sylvia D. Hamilton
Stories from The Little Black School House

Meera Margaret Singh
Beyond Imaginings: Photography from the Greenbelt

Section 2: Acrossand a Politics of Becoming

Jamelie Hassan and Miriam Jordan
Parallel Histories

Renisa Mawani
Cross Racial Encounters and Juridical Truths: (Dis)Aggregating Race in British Columbia’s Contact Zone

Rhose Harris-Galia
Arctic Bayanihan

Sid Chow Tan
Aiyah! A Little Rouse of Time and Space

Ronald Lee
The Attempted Genocide and Ethnocide of the Roma

Bonita Lawrence and Enakshi Dua
Decolonizing Anti-racism

Robinder Kaur Sehdev
People of Colour in Treaty

Srimoyee Mitra
Learning Through Crossing Lines: An Intercultural Dialogue

Malissa Phung
Are People of Colour Settlers Too?

Henry Yu
Nurturing Dialogues between First Nations, Urban Aboriginal, and Immigrant Communities in Vancouver

Section 3: Transformation

Roy Miki
By Turns Poetic: Redress as Transformation

Ravi de Costa and Tom Clark
Exploring non-Aboriginal Attitudes towards Reconciliation in Canada: The Beginnings of Targeted Focus Group Research

Rinaldo Walcott
Into the Ranks of Man: Vicious Modernism and the Politics of Reconciliation

Mitch Miyagawa
A Sorry State

Jen Budney and Jayce Salloum
Engendering Audience Responsibility: The Work of Jayce Salloum “in affinity with”

Rita Shelton Deverell
Slavery Endangers the Master’s Health But Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

George Elliott Clarke
“Indigenous Blacks”: An Irreconcilable Identity?

Diyan Achjadi
Girl: An Aesthetic Amalgamation

Kirsten Emiko McAllister
Memoryscapes of Postwar British Columbia: A Look of Recognition

Mike DeGagné and Jonathan Dewar
Conclusion: The Way Forward