Section 1: History in Our Midst

Jose Kusugak
On the Side of the Angels

Rene Dussault
Reconciliation: The Only Way Forward to Fair and Enduring Coexistence

Sophie Pierre
née Eustace: The Little Girl Who Would be Chief

James Igloliorte
The Labrador Inuit Experience with Canadian Governance

Susan Crean
Both Sides Now: Designing White Men and the Other Side of History

Rita Flamand
Truth about Residential Schools and Reconciling this History: A Michif View

Ian MacKenzie
For Everything There is a Season

Drew Hayden Taylor
Cry Me a River, White Boy

Mick Dodson
When the Prime Minister said Sorry

Section 2: Reconciliation, Restitution, Rhetoric

Heather Igloliorte
Inuit Artistic Expression as Cultural Resilience

Richard Wagamese
Returning to Harmony

Peter Harrison
Dispelling Ignorance of Residential Schools

Scott Serson
Reconciliation: for First Nations this must include Fiscal Fairness

Apology and Reconciliation: A Timeline of Events

Taiaiake Alfred
Restitution is the Real Pathway to Justice for Indigenous Peoples

You Can’t Un-Ring a Bell: Demonstrating Contrition through Action

David Hollinsworth
Beyond Sorry: Making the Apology Genuinely Meaningful in Australia?

Roland Chrisjohn and Tanya Wasacase
Half-Truths and Whole Lies: Rhetoric in the “Apology” and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Section 3: Tomorrow’s History

Fred Hiltz
Remembering the Children: The Church and Aboriginal Leaders Tour

Valerie Galley
Reconciliation and the Revitalization of Indigenous Languages

Mari Tanaka
The Inherited Legacy: As a hyphen Canadian

Erin Wolski
The Role of Culturally Relevant Gender-based Analysis in Reconciliation

Natalie A. Chambers
Reconciliation: A “dangerous opportunity” to unsettle ourselves

John Ralston Saul
Reconciliation: Four Barriers to Paradigm Shifting

Gregory Younging
Inherited History, International Law, and the UN Declaration.

Editorial Committee and Acknowledgements
Appendices 1–7

Canada’s Statement of Reconciliation
Canada’s Statements of Apology
Church Apologies
Communiqué of the Holy See Press Office
Government of Newfoundland Apology
Australia’s Apology
United States of America’s Proposed Apology
President Barack Obama’s Message for First Americans