How did we get to where we are now? Until we understand that, our future together as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples looks uncertain at best. This project is animated by a hope that debate—in the spirit of the catechesis itself—will take place in book clubs across the country, composed of people who like discussion and are energized, engaged, and jazzed by the journey of rebuilding, reconciliation, and renewal.

This collection of essays returns us to the proper work of dialogue, answering some questions but inevitably, and necessarily, provoking more. I hope it will prod us to get off our big fat complacencies. We must investigate our own histories, asking questions about the land on which we work and live. What is the history of this land? Who was here before us? How did we come to occupy and define it? What was my family’s relationship to Indigenous peoples? — Shelagh Rogers

Drawing from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation’s three-volume series Truth and Reconciliation—which comprises the titles From Truth to Reconciliation; Response, Responsibility, and Renewal; and Cultivating Canada—acclaimed veteran broadcast-journalist and host of The Next Chapter on CBC Radio Shelagh Rogers joins series editors Mike DeGagné and Jonathan Dewar to present these selected reflections, in reader format, on the lived and living experiences and legacies of Residential Schools and, more broadly, reconciliation in Canada.