Educators looking to information and curriculum to augment Speaking My Truth should visit the Legacy of Hope Foundation website. In it own words,

The Legacy of Hope Foundation (LHF) is a national Aboriginal charitable organization whose purposes are to educate, raise awareness and understanding of the legacy of residential schools, including the effects and intergenerational impacts on First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, and to support the ongoing healing process of Residential School Survivors. Fulfilling this mandate contributes towards reconciliation among generations of Aboriginal peoples, and between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada.

Of particular importance is the LHF resources on Residential Schools (link), including historical information, survivor experiences, maps and additional readings.

The material listed here and other invaluable resources are available directly from the Legacy of Hope.

Legacy of Hope Resources:

“We were so far away…”

The Inuit Experience of Residential School

We Were So Far Away...

Hope and Healing Booklet

Hope and Healing Booklet

“We were so far away…” Curatorial Booklet

We Were So Far Away