Shelagh Rogers
A Foreword

selections from From Truth to Reconciliation

Garnet Angeconeb
Speaking My Truth: The Journey to Reconciliation

John Amagoalik
Reconciliation or Conciliation? An Inuit Perspective

Madeleine Dion Stout
A Survivor Reflects on Resilience

Fred Kelly
Confession of a Born Again Pagan (excerpt)

David MacDonald
A Call to the Churches: “You shall be called the repairer of the breach”

David Joanasie
Perspective on Reconciliation from an Inuk Youth

selections from Response, Responsibility, and Renewal

Jose Amaujaq Kusugak
On the Side of the Angels

Rita Flamand
Truth about Residential Schools and Reconciling this History: A Michif View

Fred Hiltz
Remembering the Children: The Church and Aboriginal Leaders Tour

Drew Hayden Taylor
Cry Me a River, White Boy

Richard Wagamese
Returning to Harmony

Sophie Pierre née Eustace
The Little Girl Who Would be Chief

selections from Cultivating Canada

Mitch Miyagawa
A Sorry State

Sid Chow Tan
Aiyah! A Little Rouse of Time and Space (excerpt)

Roy Miki
By Turns Poetic: Redress as Transformation (excerpt)


Mike DeGagné
I’m Sorry

Learning from the Past: Selected Documents of Reconciliation and Apology from Canadian Government and Churches

Glen Lowry
By Design: One Book, Among Many

Questions for Reading and Discussion